suicide prevention


fact: youth suicide is preventable

It's time to get serious about suicide prevention. Suicide rates are climbing higher every year. We can be the generation that ends youth suicide.

In an evolving world of social media, cyber bullying and mental health stigma, youth serving systems aren't equipped to reach young people who desperately need help. Youth Era is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting teens and young adults who are at risk of or are experiencing depression, thoughts of suicide, and trauma.

Our mobile crisis response team consists of highly trained young adult staff who specialize in providing support to youth when and where they need it most. This combined with our dedicated social media team, Youth Era is able to reach youth to provide long term solutions that traditional systems can’t. This is the power of services created by youth for youth.

I was falling. I knew I wasn’t going to make it. Youth ERA showed up when I least expected help and things are better now. I have support. I can honestly say that Youth ERA saved my life.
— Youth, 18 years old

reaching the unreachable

Youth suicides happen in every corner of the country, from rural to urban areas, regardless of wealth or poverty. That's why we dispatch teams to affected communities who need support after experiencing the trauma that follows a loss.

Youth Era uses evidence-based practices in our approach to working with communities, schools, and youth including (but not limited to) Positive Youth Development, Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Assets, and Trauma-Informed Care. When we combine this knowledge with a peer-to-peer delivery approach, we achieve extraordinary results.

Our support and response:


maintains a Stigma aware approach

Everything from the way we market our services to how we provide support is stigma aware.

develops effective Long-term support plans

Research shows that utilization of support peaks at the one year anniversary of a traumatic event. We ensure that there is support available both in person and online long after our initial outreach has concluded.

UTILIZES Social media and mobile messaging

We utilize social media and other technology in our initial outreach to connect youth with the resources and support they need. We also use these tools to keep youth connected long-term.


our work


Youth Era's crisis response team staff hosts a youth empowerment event in the community after they multiple school shootings in Dallas, Texas...


Youth Era's mobile crisis response team provides support to Ohio State University students after the campus experienced a terrorist attack...[read more→]


Over 210 students join to receive peer support services from Youth Era after they experienced a tragic school shooting at Reynolds High School...[read more→]


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