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Zoe was born and raised in Portland, Oregon. As a kid, she enjoyed playing sports in the streets with her cousins and older brother, although they often ended up fighting. Zoe experienced a lot of turmoil growing up; witnessing and experiencing different kinds of abuse and having both parents addicted to alcohol. She coped by isolating herself.

Once Zoe graduated high school, she moved to Santa Rosa, California to attend community college. For the first time, she was able to connect with people. She opened up, let people in, and made some life-changing friendships. One friend took her under his wing and taught her about self-defense and other forms of martial arts. He also showed her that people care and will do things without expecting anything in return, which was uncomfortable for her at first. After about a year and a half, Zoe had to move back to Portland, where she struggled with depression for another year before moving to Texas. In Texas, she became a massage therapist and fought in a couple of sanctioned boxing matches.

It took a lot of work for Zoe to get to where she is today. Now, back in Oregon, she's found another way to fulfill her passion through her work with Youth Era. Zoe feels that her experiences with the dark side of life have helped her understand the impact of early trauma on brain development and enables her to help others going through hard times. She loves listening to people and helping them through life's struggles.

In her free time, Zoe likes to go hiking, camping, and hang out with friends. She also recently joined an LGBT+ kickball league, which has been super fun. The things that keep Zoe balanced include her curiosity about body movement and her willingness to explore how she can grow mentally, physically, and most importantly, spiritually.