Statewide Wraparound Director


At a very young age, Todd learned the importance of finding a strong support system within his community. Growing up in a home with a mother who struggled with substance abuse and was a neglectful parent. Todd sought out support from his peers, their families, and other youth groups in his area. After being the first person in his family to graduate high school, Todd moved away to attend college out of state at a private university to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Education. While in school Todd was able to come to terms with his sexuality, something he had struggled with his entire life. Todd’s new personal acceptance was not something that coincided with the philosophies of the university that he attended and was removed from the school during his last term.

Todd then moved to Eugene, Oregon to start over new somewhere he felt he would be safe and accepted. Through encouragement and support, Todd sought out legal assistance to help him gain his degree, which he had worked hard for. Eventually after a year of litigation Todd was able to obtain a Bachelor’s degree, being the first and only member of his family to attend college and earn a degree. 

Todd has previously worked in positions advocating for youth in complex situations with a variety of needs. He has worked hard in Eugene school districts to create an educational environment for students who need extra support, guidance, and nurturing that they might not receive at home. Todd believes that education cannot be a student's  primary focus when their more basic needs are not being met. 

Todd is excited to be a part of the Youth ERA team as the Statewide Wraparound Director. He has been a part of more than several Wraparound teams and has seen the lasting change that this System of Care can provide. Todd is excited to bring his experience to Youth ERA and continue to serve young people in Oregon by providing services and education that will make a meaningful impact. 

In his spare time, Todd is always trying to learn new hobbies. He enjoys hiking, photography, spending time with his dog, and socializing with the great support system he has established here in Oregon.