Office Manager | Contract Manager


Tenaya hails from our sister state to the North; she grew up in Seattle and is a Pacific Northwest baby through-and-through. Her passions for community service, crisis response, and youth empowerment led her to Youth M.O.V.E. Oregon where she currently serves as Office Manager. 

As a young adult, Tenaya faced mental health struggles including depression and PTSD, and in college she started searching for ways to positively address them. In her journey she found that finding ways to serve others, peer support, and healthy movement and lifestyle changes provided her with the tools to overcome her challenges. 

Prior to joining Youth ERA, Tenaya served three terms of national service with the Corporation for National and Community service's AmeriCorps programs. She discovered AmeriCorps while interning along side a VISTA member at Wide Angle Youth Media in Baltimore, MD, and after graduating college decided to join the National Civilian Community Corps, a team-based leadership program for 18-24 year-olds. It was through this experience that she discovered her passion for public service, travel, and for leadership in youth development. Since then, she has completed terms of service as a VISTA in Anchorage Alaska to working to build capacity and improve programs servicing those in poverty, and most recently, as a team leader of a Disaster Survivor Assistance team with AmeriCorps FEMA Corps honing her positive youth development and emergency management skills.

In her free time, you might find Tenaya in a yoga studio, theorizing about cinema, spending time with her older sister, or volunteering in the community. She loves improving efficiency and coming up with out-of-the box solutions to problems.