Wraparound Youth Partner | lANE cOUNTY


Nick grew up in McMinnville, Oregon, and lived there most of his life. His parents and younger sister were very loving and gave Nick a sense of home despite their family moving houses eleven times. Nick was a friendly, outgoing, and caring kid. He always followed directions and was seen as a leader amongst his friends. In middle school, he was selected as a peer mediator and began training to help people his age. When Nick entered high school, he started experiencing more and more anxiety. He would worry for no reason and become extremely anxious when he was alone. Despite these struggles, Nick had many friends and a great childhood overall.

After high school, Nick enrolled at Chemeketa Community College. At first, things went well, but he soon fell into a deep depression. His grades suffered, and his anxiety increased tremendously. He took a couple of breaks from school to try to get a tighter grip on his depression, but nothing seemed to help. Nick grew frantic; he knew he wanted more out of life, but wasn't sure what direction he wanted to take.

After a few years, Nick set his sights on becoming a parole officer so he could serve as a bright spot in the lives of others. He started taking classes, looking into the mental health field, and exploring jobs that he could learn from while in school. Nick ultimately found Youth Era (YE) and knew that with YE, he could finally be a bright spot for youth dealing with anxiety and depression. Now, as a Youth Wraparound Support Partner, Nick feels much more confident. He uses his life experiences to build strong connections with youth and has seen many grow into stronger and much more positive individuals.

Nick currently lives in Eugene and is excited to see where his life takes him next. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his friends and family. Football, basketball, and outdoor activities are a huge part of his life outside of work. He enjoys naps and relaxation for his self-care.