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Mia grew up in the small rural town of Whitewater, Wisconsin but has also lived in Forest Grove, Korea, Thailand, and Philadelphia. Growing up, Mia found it difficult to be her authentic self. She often felt directionless and struggled to find motivation. The turning point came the day she was invited to join her high school's mentoring program. She finally found her calling in mentoring and working with youth.

After high school, Mia continued to engage and mentor youth as she worked toward her Masters in Social Work. After graduating, Mia stumbled upon Youth Era and felt drawn to the organization's respect for self-determination and commitment to accessibility. Mia is passionate about this work because she understands how important it is for youth to have a safe space to thrive. Mia believes it is imperative that we work to ensure all communities and voices are invited to the table. She believes that true social work means providing the tools and strategies that allow each individual's unique strengths to shine.

In her free time, Mia likes to take hikes with her dog, Cannon, and travel. She also really loves video games and board games of all kinds.