Lauren Conn_Youth ERA.png

Youth Wraparound Support Partner- CLACKAMAS County


Lauren has struggled with anxiety since childhood and developed depression in her teen years. Her depression and anxiety were not treated or even recognized for quite some time and to cope with her emotions, Lauren developed an eating disorder and other self-harm behaviors.

At sixteen, Lauren first entered treatment and over the next few years she moved in and out of hospitals and treatment programs. Lauren’s self-destructive behaviors only ever got worse while she was in treatment and when she turned eighteen she signed herself out. She was determined to leave that part of her life behind but she, unfortunately continued to struggle and use dangerous coping mechanisms.

After experiencing a traumatic event Lauren attempted suicide and re-entered treatment. At this point she understood that if she didn’t stay in treatment long enough to get the help she needed, she would only face more pain and negative experiences. She finally put in the hard work and changed her life. After a long, painful battle with her depression, anxiety, and self-destructive behaviors, Lauren has learned to use healthy coping skills and has created balance in her life.

Before beginning her work with Youth ERA, Lauren was an advocate for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. However, while in the mental health system she saw many problems that weren’t being solved and quickly developed a passion for youth advocacy, ultimately leading her to Youth ERA.

Lauren still struggles with anxiety but has found a fulfilling life helping others. In her free time Lauren enjoys spending time with friends and family, listening to music, dancing, trying new things, having Netflix marathons, and spending time with her cat Luna.