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Jacinta grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her immediate family consists of her parents and twin brother Edward. She grew up in a household that allowed her to express herself freely, whether that was through dance, sports, or music. She has always been creative, outgoing, and curious. However, she started to show a rebellious and troubled side around 18, when she became involved in toxic relationships and turned to drugs to escape. After lots of time to heal, grow and flourish, Jacinta, graduated from college with a degree in criminal justice.

While in her last year of school, her twin brother was diagnosed with cancer. Jacinta took her brother to almost every chemotherapy appointment while working and going to school, and once he beat it, she figured it was time for her to focus on her own goals. So she moved across the country to Portland, Oregon and started working for Youth Era as a Youth Peer Support Specialist. In this job, Jacinta feels challenged to strive for more every day.

When she’s not at work, Jacinta loves to roller skate and plans to be on the Moxi skate team one day. She also likes to go hiking, play video games, practice music, and play with her ferrets. She’s proud to be a part of the Youth Era team because she gets to inspire change.