Hayley Jo was born and raised in Jackson County, Oregon. She started experiencing panic attacks at the age of three and would often begin to cry randomly in the middle of her classes. She tried to contain herself the best she could but was often teased by her peers and misunderstood by adults because she found herself, at such a young age, unable to communicate the feeling of death she was experiencing. Eventually, this developed into chronic anxiety, self-esteem issues, and depression; challenges that she still manages to this day. 

Hayley Jo's parents divorced when she was in high school, and the loss of that stability and support thrust her into adulthood at just sixteen years old.  She never wanted to ask anyone for anything, so she started skipping classes and worked endless hours to support herself. After graduating, Hayley Jo went on to receive an Associate's degree from Lane Community College and a Bachelor's degree in communications disorders and sciences from the University of Oregon. 

She moved back to the Rogue Valley where she found a job working in marketing and real estate management but quickly realized that it wasn’t for her. Her heart was in helping others, so she started training rescue dogs to become assistance animals. Working with animals was fun and fulfilling, but after a couple of years, she began to miss working with youth. Eventually, she found Youth ERA and saw it as an exciting opportunity to combine her passion for helping youth achieve their dreams with her extensive experience working in her community.  

Hayley Jo is an optimistic bundle of energy, dedicated to helping others, and eager to meet and talk with anyone about anything. She is also a firm believer that we never stop learning. In college, her favorite courses were American Sign Language and Anthropology, and now, she is using YouTube tutorials to learn how to paint with acrylics. In the past, she's used this method to learn about knitting, crocheting, and cooking. When the weather is good, you might find Hayley Jo on the river via Tahiti or stand-up paddle boarding. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her senior pug "Asia" hiking, on coast trips, or just cuddled up together watching Netflix.