Goose was born in Kennewick, Washington but grew up in the Portland area after her parents divorced when she was three. Her mother had primary custody of her and her older brother. When she was younger, she loved to play soccer and enjoyed school. Her biological father is an alcoholic, and her relationship with him has always been difficult. Goose's battle with severe depression started around age twelve, and she began using self-harm to cope. In middle school, Goose started drinking alcohol and using drugs. She went to her first residential rehab facility when she was thirteen and again at age sixteen. Shortly after being discharged, her close friend died of an overdose. 

In high school, Goose’s desire and passion for helping others grew. After her school drug and alcohol counselor passed away unexpectedly, she noticed how many of her peers were struggling and lacked the natural and professional supports they needed. She decided to start a drug and alcohol group for other students and soon realized that she wanted to continue helping young people when she got older.  During her sophomore year, Goose came out as a lesbian and was fortunate to have support from her family and friends. 

Goose decided to go to Southern Oregon University and major in criminology, criminal justice, and psychology. When she went away to college, Goose had a little over a year of sobriety but soon relapsed. After spending her entire freshman year drunk and loaded, she hit rock bottom and got back into recovery. Throughout her recovery, Goose has encountered many hardships, including the loss of her best friend to suicide and her own mental health struggles. She is a suicide survivor herself and continues to practice self-care to maintain stability and manage her depression. 

Goose first found out about Youth Era when it was Youth M.O.V.E. Oregon and started as a youth. She then became an intern for her criminology criminal justice capstone before ultimately applying for a peer support position and joining the Medford Drop team. Goose will celebrate four years clean on September 27th, 2019. 

In her spare time, Goose enjoys playing rugby, spending time with her fur baby, Lexi, playing guitar, and going shooting.