Wraparound Youth Partner | WASHINGTON COUNTY


Caitlin has fought hard for her mental health. She's battled drug addiction, an eating disorder, OCD, trauma, and depression. At the end of a downward spiral Caitlin's health was in jeopardy, she'd failed out of school, pushed her friends away, and lost the trust and support of her family. Her life finally turned around when she found sobriety and recovery at the age of 18.

After getting sober, Caitlin earned a Bachelor of Arts from Chapman University. As a student, she was a member of three honors societies, won numerous awards, and worked side-by-side with her professors to further research in Religious Studies, Psychology, and Neuroscience. In that time she also learned how to be a supportive friend, a loving daughter, and a functioning member of society. 

Caitlin's mental health journey ignited her passion for helping others. She realizes now how important it is to fill her life with community, activity, love, and most importantly, giving back. Caitlin aspires to use her experience to inspire hope, especially for those who believe they're too young to find recovery. 

Before finding Youth Era, Caitlin worked at a treatment center for substance abuse and eating disorders. Now, as a part of the Youth Era team, she is eager to use her skills and experiences to help youth and young adults struggling with mental health challenges.

In her free time, Caitlin enjoys painting, reading, exploring, practicing yoga, and engaging with her community.