Caitlan was born in Oregon City to a loving father and a mother who struggled with substance abuse. Her parents divorced soon after she was born but continued to share custody. Caitlan stayed with her mother on weekends and over the summer. During those visits, she and her siblings would be left alone, not knowing where their mother was for long periods. When she was home, her mother spent most of her time with a husband who beat her in front of Caitlan and her siblings.

When she wasn't at her mother's, Caitlan spent the majority of her time with her father’s family. She became especially close to her grandfather, who seemed to be the only one who showed her any kindness. Caitlan was sexually assaulted by her grandfather, but she never said anything because she was afraid of what people might've thought and didn’t want her dad to find out what his dad had been doing.

Caitlan became determined to overcome the challenges in her life and find a way out. She found a job and a car, all while working on finishing high school. She also became involved in various extracurricular activities so that she could avoid having to face more bad situations at home.

Before settling back in Oregon, Caitlan spent some time working for a youth program in Alaska. Once she returned home, Caitlan started looking for a good organization where she could help youth facing similar challenges. Eventually, she found Youth Era and loved what they were doing so much that she applied for a position. Now, as part of the Youth Era team, Caitlan can use everything she has gone through to help others through peer support.

In her free time, Caitlan enjoys taking her dog Charlie for walks and playing fetch. Caitlan also enjoys traveling and spending time with her family and friends.