Becca was born and spent her earliest years in San Diego, California. At 11, her family moved to Coos Bay, Oregon where she spent the remainder of her childhood. Becca married her high school sweetheart shortly after graduation but due to unforeseen circumstances ultimately filed for divorce. After the divorce, she started to rebuild her life alongside her inspiring daughter by enrolling in college at the University of Colorado where she earned a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice.

Becca developed a passion for working with youth and young adults and decided to become a mentor for those without the privilege or resources to lead safe and healthy lives. She took a job in youth corrections where she worked with system-wary DHS adolescents and those in residential youth homes who struggle with substance abuse. She related to this population due to her vast experience with family and friends who've faced similar obstacles. Becca found a way to connect with young people both as a peer and as a professional by sharing her experiences, lending support, and offering services like crisis prevention/intervention and counseling. These experiences led Becca to Youth ERA where she is eager to support more of Oregon's youth and young adults. She is also in the process of completing her Master's Degree in Criminal Justice and plans to apply for Law School in the hopes of becoming a Juvenile Law Attorney.

Becca stays occupied with her growing five-year-old who she dedicates her life and most of her time to by introducing her to activities like piano lessons, dance classes, and art lessons. The duo is also in the process of writing their own "Momma and Me" cookbook that will include their own renditions of healthy meal ideas. In her free time, Becca also offers free self-defense classes to her community.