Abraham was born in Longmont, Colorado but moved to Oregon after his parents divorced and before he turned one. He grew up in Eugene and Springfield but moved around a lot, transferring to a new school about once a year. He grew up with bad allergies and had trouble connecting with people, which made him into the awesome, sassy D&D and gamer nerd he is today. Abraham also experiences Aspergers, social anxiety, and seasonal depression in the spring when his lungs swell from pollen.

He found Youth Era when he was a homeless teenager looking for help with his resume. Being young and never having help before, Abraham was blown away by the support he received. Fast forward about five years, when looking for a job to help him get through college, Abraham reconnected with Youth Era. Now, as a Youth Peer Support Specialist, he helps youth overcome challenges like those he faced as a teen. He is also still going to school and working toward his degree.

Abraham enjoys most nerdy things like video games and D&D. He also loves food, movies, topics that make him think deeply, and activities that show him the beauty of nature like hiking and camping. He loves his dog Balor and almost always has him around on his daily adventures.