Taking Action for National Suicide Prevention Month: Youth Nonprofit Reveals Platform for Youth to Share their Mental Health Stories


For Immediate Release
Wednesday, September 11th, 2019
Contact: Gina Gervase

It’s back-to-school season but students are returning to classrooms these weeks with a little more than just their new class schedules on their mind. Studies find that youth suicide attempts rise around the start of the school year. One organization is working to provide young people with hope and resources by connecting them to young adults who have gone through similar struggles. 

Youth Era, a non-profit headquartered in Eugene, Oregon which works to engage and empower young people, recently revealed their new website youthempowerment.com in time for National Suicide Prevention Month. The website publishes content, resources and stories for young people on topics like coping strategies, mental health and suicide prevention.


Colorfully designed, the website stands out from other online resources focused on mental health, looking more like an Instagram feed with its bold animations. But it’s more than just a colorful exterior. The website’s heart and soul is its content which is created by young people for young people. Recognizing that youth can experience higher rates of anxiety and depression when spending time online, Youth Era set out to design an online platform that would bring connectedness and hope to the digital world of young people. Authors on the website draw on their own experiences and passions to help others going through similar struggles with anxiety, depression, relationship struggles, suicide, etc.

“I’m feeling depressed; what should I do?” “My friend is having thoughts of suicide. How do I help?” “How do I manage stress?” These are all common questions that youth search for online. A study published by Northwestern University confirms that 19% of teens search online for answers for stress or anxiety, and another 16% search for resources to help with depression. The study also points out that youth aren’t always consistently getting the information or support they need through their existing networks. Only 55% of youth feel they get ‘good’ health information from their parents. There is a high need for engaging and helpful mental health resources and youthempowerment.com offers answers to these questions.

Articles on youthempowerment.com related to suicide prevention include:

  • The 13 Uplifts to Counter the 13 Reasons Why

  • What to Expect When Calling a Helpline

  • What to Do When a Friend is Thinking of Suicide

Other articles focus on a variety of mental health stories such as:

  • Navigating the Anxiety of ICE and Preparing for Uncertain Times Ahead

  • What to Do When the Anniversary of Your School Shooting is Coming Up

  • Reddit Hall of Fame: Depression Remedies

Research finds that as youth get older, they tend to do better when they receive support from their friends and peers versus adults and parents. Recognizing this, youthempowerment.com gives young people a platform to tell their stories and get advice from their peers. Youth Era is calling for young people to submit their stories. These can be in the form of an article, short story, artwork, poem, song, or any other medium. Entries can be submitted at www.youthempowerment.com/contact.

Youthempowerment.com by Youth Era is changing the digital experience for young people. The youthempowerment.com community is made up of the voices of young people, adding more compassion and hope into the lives of youth during a time of the year which can be challenging.

About Youth Era:

Youth Era is a nonprofit that works with teens and young adults to become happy, successful, and contributing adults members of their communities.  The organization creates solutions for communities across the country that look beyond short-term assistance for the few and toward sustainable support for the many. To learn more, visit www.youthera.org

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