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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Honors Martin Rafferty's Inspirational Life Journey

10/27/2017 — Martin Rafferty, Executive Director of Youth ERA (formerly Youth MOVE Oregon) is one of a small group of people worldwide being featured at the Launch of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Discovery Center...(read more)


The Youth ERA Has Arrived, and Advocacy Will Never Be the Same

09/17/2017 — Have you heard? Have you seen the video? Do you feel the foundation of understanding about what defines youth advocacy shaking under your feet? Youth MOVE Oregon, a perennial leader in defining youth advocacy, is once again transforming right before our very eyes, as they emerge into something new - Youth ERA...(read more)


Martin Rafferty Defines ‘Next Generation Advocacy’ 

07/07/16 — Currently, there are several mental health reform bill proposals in the House and Senate working their way toward merger into a bill that, increasingly, looks like it might pass. The conversation about mental health reform in Washington, DC has been driven primarily by advocacy leaders inside the beltway. These leaders are undeniably well versed in the inner workings...(read more)