Crisis Response

Fact: youth suicide is preventable 

It's time to get serious about suicide prevention. Youth serving systems have fallen behind in their ability to engage with youth in a world of social media, cyber bulling, and mental health stigma. Youth ERA is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting teens and young adults who are at risk of or are experiencing depression, thoughts of suicide, and trauma. Our mobile crisis response team consists of highly trained staff who specialize in providing support to youth when they need in most. Combine this with our dedicated social media team, and Youth ERA is able to reach youth to provide long term solutions. This is the power of services that are created for youth by youth. 

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what we do

Youth Era use several evidence-based practices in our approach to working with communities, schools and youth. Some examples include Positive Youth Development, Search Institute’s 40 Assets, Trauma-Informed Care, etc. When we combine this knowledge with a peer-to-peer delivery approach, we achieve extraordinary results.

Our support and response includes:

  • Stigma aware -- everything from marketing of supports to our direct services. For example, when we are marketing towards the youth, we make sure to target the individual's social circle as well.
  • Youth engagement tactics that utilize social media and technology to create avenues for long-term support
  • Long-term support plans. There is research that shows that utilization of support peaks at the one year anniversary of a traumatic event. We ensure that there is support available to youth in person and online
  • Social media and messaging. After the initial events to connect youth who need support with resources, we utilize social media and other technology to keep youth connected.

Why we provide services